Journey From Being A Cyclist To A Bicyclist

Journey From Being A Cyclist To A Bicyclist

On the occasion of World Bicycle Day, here is my journey from being a cyclist to a bicyclist.

Earlier I used to borrow cycles from one or the other friend but eventually, this turned out to be a little problematic. I too didn’t feel right to constantly borrow cycles from others. Finally, I decided to be self-sufficient and on 3rd January 2021, I purchased my first cycle.

Right from purchasing the cycle to every other cycle-related query, I received immense support from Kapil Shirodkar. He is a professional cyclist and if you go cycling with him you will know how fast he is. He warned me that cycling is not a time pass and that I should not pursue it unless I am serious about committing to it. However, now he is very happy with my progress. True friends are always happy with your progress whereas, the others talk sweetly only until their purpose is served. Well, to each their own. My journey is long.

2nd Stage

I began cycling with Kapil but couldn’t achieve the desired speed. Kapil explained to me how I could improve as riding a geared cycle is not easy. Now I have achieved the desired speed and when Kapil told me that I have become a pro-rider, I haven’t looked back ever since.
I have completed 5-century rides and now a 100 km ride is a piece of cake. One day, Kapil introduced me to his friend from the club, Samir Zaveri sir and that was a major turning point in my life. Samir sir too is a professional rider, he has completed 600kms cycling.
To receive training from him, meant a lot for me! While speaking with him the topic of #CYCLECHALACITYBACHA came up.

3rd stage

Do google about #CYCLECHALACITYBACHA to know what is it all about. I was a novice back then, so didn’t have any idea but now I am a member of the same. During that time another name came up – Firoza Suresh, didn’t know about her but unless one studies one cannot find out either.

Due to lockdown, my daily routine comprised of cycling in the morning, then work from home and later study. That is when I understood that Firoza Suresh is none other than the Bicycle Mayor Of Mumbai. There is a lot of information on the internet about what this organization does.

I never thought that someday I would get to meet and speak with such a great personality, to take pictures with her but all this was possible due to my close ones. Today, 3rd June being World Bicycle Day, I am extremely happy to share that going forward I shall be working as a Bicycle Marshal of #CycleChalaCityBacha for the G-South ward of Mumbai.

All these events occurred only within 6 months! This was possible only due to the grace of Mothi Aai, my Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, Aai, Dada and my dear close friends. Saint Tukaram says “Ashakya te shakya karita saayaas kaaran abhyaas Tuka mhane” which means that even the impossible or something extremely hard to achieve becomes possible or achievable through regular practice.

I have some plans for the future which I will reveal gradually after lockdown, till then let’s meet over a bicycle ride. My Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu is my strength and my everything.

Special thanks to Kapil Shirodkar, Samir Jhaveri Sir, Ravi Agarwal Sir, Jyoti Kolhe madam and Firoza Suresh Madam. Thanks for everything.

Tushar Redkar
Bicycle Marshal G-South Mumbai