Manori Jetty is one of the peaceful and beautiful place one can be in Mumbai. The ride to Manori has some magic in it. It is a place where you can literally hear birds chirping and the sound of the flow of the water. It is a place where you can go anytime and you will find the same feeling.

It was the time when I became the BICYCLE MARSHAL of R/Central, and then the next day we went for a ride over there. R/Central had became a ward from where minimum of 15 cyclist use to join for regular rides. The day we went to Manori Jetty ,everyone was mesmerised. R/Central has been a ward to explore a lot new places. We have a curiosity to find more new places to ride.

People from out station come to Mumbai and the places they know are Marine Drive, Carter Road, Juhu Beach ,etc. Even people live in Mumbai doesn’t know that such places exist. So as Manori Jetty is a very peaceful place , the ride to Manori Jetty from Borivali has another magic in it.

The time we choose for our ride to Manori Jetty is always early morning around 6 O’clock or if it is an evening ride then 5 o’clock. These are the timings chosen so that we can enjoy the sunrise or sunset. During the ride from Borivali we take ferry till the other side of the gorai jetty. That ferry ride also so enjoyable and worth it as by that time sun starts coming down and you can see the Sun coming down from behind the Golden Pagoda.

The experience of riding to Manori Jetty is more magical when you are cycling through the roads , and there are small bungalows n two side of the roads. By the time you reach Manori Jetty your ride becomes already worth it. But the main enjoyment of the environment and peacefulness comes when we reach to Manori Jetty and witness the sunset from there.

People must had seen many places in Mumbai , but the place like Manori Jetty is one of the unique place where anyone can ride to. It is a suggestion to every Mumbaikars to ride your cycle to this place and witness an amazing peaceful and refreshing ride in Mumbai.