First Ride Post Wrist Recovery to Pagoda

First Ride Post Wrist Recovery to Pagoda

I mostly ride on weekends and ride anywhere between 30 to 100 KMS and ride to various places around Mumbai. I mostly ride with my club, my ward, or with Cycle Chala City Bacha team.

On 27th June while doing my workout, I slipped and got a hairline fracture on my wrist. Post my fracture all my activities came to standstill. Doctor applied plaster and he mentioned that the plaster will be there for five weeks and post that he will check to see if everything fine else he may extend for few more weeks.

My plaster was removed on 4th Aug and post that I started doing wrist strengthening exercises. This helped me in making my wrist stronger. I took help of Dr. Divya Kotak, who is wife of my friend Mayur Kotak. Dr. Divya give me good workout to strengthen my wrist. I started doing wrist workout for two times in a day,

I started feeling better and I did my first ride post-recovery to Pagoda on 3rd Sep 2021, I rode with a couple of friends from P/North ward. I usually take my Rodie, however, due to pain in the wrist, I planned to take my dad’s MTB (Giant ATX2) as it has a flat handlebar. Flat handlebar helps in resting arm on handle and also puts less pressure on wrist.

Ride Day – 03-Sep-2021

I started at 6:13 am and when I jumped on cycle, I started getting a little pain in my wrist. The pain reduced as I started cycling since I kept my hand lightly on the handle. I could not use the shifter with my left thumb so I was using my right hand to shift as and when needed.

I usually don’t have any problems on small climbs however due to the long break, I was feeling to difference on small climbs.

We took a ferry from Marve to Manori and started riding with ease to Pagoda. We clicked a few pictures and had garam chai at a stall, post chai we returned back.

I had little apprehension thinking whether I would be able to ride or not, however, I kept my ride slow and managed to complete with ease.

Ajay Lulia
Ajay Lulia

Bicycle Councillor – P/North Ward