Cycling As Sustainable Transportation With Cycle Chala City Bacha

Cycling As Sustainable Transportation With Cycle Chala City Bacha

Global warming has been a concern to the world for many years now. Many nations have been taking measures to reduce it. But are we doing enough to save the world?

The automobile has become such an inherent part of our lives that many of us overlook the fact that it has been silently contributing to one of the most pressing problems worldwide – global warming.

I would like to share veracity information – as per OECD – Approximately 27% of total CO2 emissions come from transport. Within this, road-based transport accounts for approximately 80%.

One of the ways to decrease this percentage is to reduce the use of fuel transport. But then how do we commute??? Simple…just walk!!! But how long can one walk??? With this urban development worldwide, one can’t even expect to commute via horse carriages as well!! Here comes our Saviour, Ride a Cycle

I started my cycling journey as just a mere interest or childhood memory…but with going months and years it turned into my passion. It has changed me as a person both mentally and physically.

Before going to further details, let me innumerate the health benefits of regular cycling:

  1. Increased cardiovascular fitness
  2. Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  3. Improved joint mobility
  4. Decreased stress levels
  5. Improved posture and coordination
  6. Strengthened bones
  7. Decreased body fat levels
  8. Prevention or management of disease
  9. Reduced anxiety and depression.

Besides these health benefits, there are some non-health benefits which I derived from cycling:

  1. Becoming an Early Risers – We wake up before Sun Rises
  2. A Good Planner – Cycling helps to plan proper sleep, nutrition and distance planning
  3. Network with People Cycling helps to connect with Riders within the Club and also with riders from other clubs, we celebrate Birthdays, Festivals and what not
  4. Exploring new places Cycling has given me an opportunity to go places which I have never dreamt of going in Mumbai and even out of Mumbai. A Cyclist is always with nature and a good explorer
  5. Food – who doesn’t like food, riding to famous food joints not only satisfies the taste buds but also burns the calories

The Covid 19 Pandemic has brought the world to standstill. Humans are fighting their own battles but during this battle nature has revived itself. We are in lockdown cages and the nature is blossoming around us due to less pollution. One beautiful example of this is the view of mighty Dhauladhar range in Himachal Pradesh from Jalandhar, Punjab last year. Distance between both these places is around 200 Kms. After this news, there were Meme’s claiming that we can view Eifel Tower and Statue of Liberty from Mumbai. Jokes apart, lockdown was the eye opener for the World that nature has the potential to revive itself only if we allow it to do so.

Another wonderful thing which happened during the pandemic was increase in number of cyclists on the road. Though people looked at it as a physical activity and the means to get out of the house, they were unintentionally saving one pound of CO2 for each mile they rode the cycle. There were few months in last year where cycles were completely sold out and were not available in stores. It was a world-wide phenomenon

There are also various cycling foundations which are trying to bring a change in Society and trying to make a space for cyclists. I would like to talk about one of such foundation

Smart Commute Foundation – which is working at a city level to create Cycling as sustainable transportation and a way of life both in urban and rural pockets.

Many of us might not know that even in Cycling fraternity we do have a Mayor and our Cycling Mayor name is Firoza Suresh, she is also a Founder of Smart commute foundation. She has taken pledge to mark India and particularly Mumbai on the global map of Cycling community, she has started a noble campaign known as Cycle Chala City Bacha, in which every BMC ward in Mumbai has a Cycling Counsellor. A cycling counsellor role is to create awareness of cycling in his or her ward, conduct cycling rides, connect with BMC folks and understand how they can make their locality intro cycling friendly environment.

I would like to conclude my blog with a hilarious note which I randomly found on google.

A Cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy, he does not buy the car and does not take the car loan, does not buy car insurance, does not buy fuel, does not send his car for servicing and repairs, does not use parking, does not become obese and yes healthy people are not needed for the economy, they do not buy drugs, they do not go to hospitals and visit doctors. They add nothing to Country GDP, On the contrary, every new fast food outlet create at least 30 Jobs, 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 weight loss experts apart from people working in outlet. Choose wisely, A Cyclist or a KFC? Worth thinking about!

PS: Walking is even worse, They do not even buy a Cycle..

On a serious note…Choose Cycle choose life!! Cycle Chala, City Bacha

Author: Mayur Kotak
P/North Ward

Reference from OECD – Organisation for Economic cooperation and Development, Hindustan Times, Better Health Channel and Google